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Human Resource Management

Employees management

We manage employees every second by analyzing their productivity, motivation, engagement and professional burnout.

Smart Payroll

We give tools for comfortable and profitable payroll for each member of the project: owner and employees.

Employees development

We offer the best way to developing employee's skills.

Project features

2020 opened up opportunities to improve the global human resource management system


Provides comfortable tools for working in the smart-staffing mode


Analyzes and proposes the most suitable employee for a role in the project by operating large data sets.


Offers the best career path for employees (project's direction, training, grade upgrades, rate changes).

High motivation

Often the rate for work on the platform is higher than local rates


A platform that allows large, medium, small and micro businesses to "share employees" with best rate, bringing "sharing economics of use" to the corporate world.

Industries We Improve

Our business is able to improve the global human resource management market,
so we are improving these areas

POWER YOUR STRATEGIES is a support your
business agency

Verified employees with the necessary qualifications and for the usable term - a unique smart-staffing platform that allows fast and comfortable searching for the job for remotable professions. Hire the verified employees with the necessary qualifications and for the usable term.

Erase countries borders uses the up-to-date technology of Smart-Staffing, which allows companies to give and to take temporarily available staff with necessary qualifications by schedule or upon request. This is for comfortable human resources management. Service will erase countries borders and will give an opportunity to get a job for millions of people all over the world.

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